Should Adults Be Considered As An Adult?

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An adult is an individual who is grown and fully developed. Adults are mature and have experienced life. Being an adult is someone who have a lot of responsibilities. To be considered an adult is usually someone who is the age of 18 or older. Society believes that a person who is mature, responsible, legal, and can make right decisions are considered an adult age does not matter. Most people may argue that you are an adult when you are able to make decisions on your own, you are legal, and your maturity level is set. When you are twenty-one you can make all of your decisions on your own. However, when you are eight-teen you can start making some decision but, your parent or guardian will also have a say so because you are still technically a teenager and by law you are not grown until you are twenty-one. When you are eight-teen you can make simple decisions such as going to college or just getting a job meanwhile, when you are twenty-one you can decide whether to get your own apartment and/or car, and you can make decisions about what to do with your health. Eighteen is still considered to be an adolescent. An adolescent is the stage of transition based off physical and…show more content…
Some may argue that when you are eighteen you are grown because you are legal. On the other hand, others will argue that just because you are legal does not mean that you are grown. Society believe that you are considered an adult when you are mature, responsible, stable, and can make right decisions. When you are eighteen you did not experience as much as you could when you are twenty-one. Being eighteen just labels you as being legal. Being legal only means that you are an appropriate age to start your life without your parents making all of your decisions for you. Also, being legal means you can be on your own, make your own decisions, gain more responsibilities, become independent, and start your life and
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