Should Advanced Interrogation Ever Be Justified Essay

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Junior Research Paper: Torture Being Justified For National Security Torture prevents terrorism. Advanced interrogation might hurt a few individuals with bad intentions, but it could lead and has lead to saving thousands of innocent lives for our national security. Running programs such as the one that the CIA ran for multiple years of advanced interrogation has done an incredible job inquiring important information fast. Yes, some people were wrongfully put through this system however 86% percent of suspects who went under intensified interrogation helped give vital information. That's why since post 9/11 majority of Americans believe it should be justified, stopping future attacks before they happen, and replacing the drone strikes to gather more information.

Ever since 9/11 Americans as a whole perspective on torture being justified for national security has risen greatly. Post 9/11 the CIA started there intense
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An actual story told by a journalist that use to work for the CIA was 2 cases of advanced interrogation held by the CIA helped get the name of a messenger that had a secret route to deliver stuff to Osama Bin Laden. Both suspects before going under advanced interrogation went under regular interrogation first for over a month but said that they didn't know anything. Once put under advanced interrogation they released this information leading to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. This is a perfect example of how using advanced interrogation only if the situation is down to a matter of time works. The killing of Bin Laden also help lead to stopping future attacks planned by the Al Qaeda. Helping to prove that in certain situations advanced interrogation does work, should be used in similar situations to this to continue to stop future attacks before they
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