Should Alcohol Advertising Be Banned in Australia?

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This Act was the most recent one in the series of advertisement restriction Acts since the 1970s. According to this law, there would be no cigarette advertisement on radio and television along with all Australia newspapers and magazines as well.
The TAP Act banned the majority of the major tobacco advertisements mediums. However, tobacco and cigarette smoking was still being promoted on the internet and through mail. According to the TAP Act the cigarettes and tobacco cannot be promoted via any print media, movies, television, radio or outdoor advertisement on the billboards and later an amendment also restricted tobacco endorsement of any cultural or sporting event. Along with these restrictions in order to discourage smoking, the government also increased taxes on smoking and labeled all tobacco products with a federal warning since 1973.
Some people state that discouraging smoking is mainly wrong because it is a Fascist policy. That is a term regularly used as an offense when the individual using it runs out of logic. Here it is used in a more precise way. Mussolini was a socialist but if we read into his biography we see that he didn't like the ways of the communists. Reason being the fact the Communists had taken over all the major businesses. His intelligent idea was to keep those…
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