Should Alcohol Be An Addiction?

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When it comes to the topic of alcohol, most of us will readily agree that yes it is an addiction. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of no alcohol is not an addiction. Whereas some are convinced that yes it is, others maintain that no it is not. Anyone can be addicted to alcohol, but alcohol is not in and of itself an addiction. The capacity of absorbing alcohol in tremendous amounts can occur over weeks or years, which can lead the individual not to have an addiction to alcohol. Many will ask the question of can excessive use of alcohol become an addiction? No, alcohol cannot be an addiction, some would contest consumption that consuming alcohol is for mere fun. Others still maintain the fact that the addiction is more of a destructive behavior because that is what occurred in their confusion. They argue, in fact, there is no major result of alcohol other than the fact an individual becomes drunk to cover up pain that doesn’t lead the person to become an addict. Another question asked, could alcohol lead to having other addictions? No, Scientists have discovered points of alcohol addictions and whether or not it is even an addiction but more of a disease. In all actuality, these scientists retain of alcoholism is more heredity rather than an addiction, since they look at it as a “neuroanatomical” this focuses on the individuals affects of emotions of happiness or melancholy. Researchers indicate the basics of what they call…
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