Should All Citizens Be Required by Law to Vote?

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Should all citizens be required by law to vote?
Imagine you were planning for a trip to Southeast Asian countries. You wanted a white cotton T-shirt that would keep your body comfortable in a tropical region. Therefore, you went to a fashion boutique to purchase the T-shirt you needed. When you got to the shop, you tried to look for a white cotton T-shirts, but unfortunately there were no T-shirts that you wanted.
There were only two kinds of T-shirt in the store; black and dark brown nylon T-shirts. There was, however, a very strict rule that everybody who entered the store must buy at least one item before they left. You might say, “What an awkward rule of this store!” There was no item you wanted or needed for your trip.
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It might also mean that you can remain politically neutral. For this reason, if citizens are forced to vote by law, it must be an unjust law that violates our human rights and individual freedom. There is a saying “An unjust law is no law at all.”(Augustine of Hippo) If a legislative body of a nation passes a law that is unfair for every citizen, it will still simply be like no law at all.
Imposing a law that forces citizens to vote is not a suitable way to promote democratic practices. We may need to see why people vote. Normally, there are three main reasons why people vote. (1) An instrumental reason, that is to affect the outcome, (2) An expressive reason, that is, is to be able to express one’s views (3) a social norm reason, that is, to conform to a norm saying that it is a democratic obligation to vote (Carlsson, 2010). There is no need to say for the first point that we vote because we want some positive outcomes. The second point was also discussed in the previous paragraph that it is about expressing one’s view. Thus, we have to observe the social norm reason, the third point. A survey conducted in Sweden in 2002 showed that 80% of the people, who were asked to answer the questionnaires, considered abstaining from voting unethical in a democratic country. It can be said that voting should be a duty for all citizens of a
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