Should America Be The Same?

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Would America Be The Same? Protests and chants full of discriminance and disparity filling America’s vast crevices of segregation. Long ago, The Civil Rights Movement was blossoming into a nation-wide dilemma as America began to be a nation of racism and segregation but the Civil Rights Movement’s effect on other minorities, race equality, and the important role it plays in society today makes it so greatly impactful on America. From the beginning, African Americans were always treated differently from others whether it was equal pay or going to designated place just because of their skin color; the Civil Rights Movement changed all of that to where they are as equal as white Americans. “At that time, there had never been a black presidential cabinet officer or a black Supreme Court Justice” (Kennedy). Because of the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans attained more civil rights and have even become president which is a very impressive accomplishment in terms of race equality. This mere fact is quite stunning since Barack Obama is now the president of The United States and has powerful political authority. Likewise, the Civil Rights Movement has also caused America to have more of an equal point of view when it comes to making political and national decisions. As these decisions are made, America’s wholeness, in most communities, has become more evident and prominent ever so. The country known as the United States has become more nation-widely accepting and
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