Should America Take The Risk Of Letting Refugees Into The Country

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Coming to America
What would it be like to be forced to flee America? What if everything that made America an amazing place to live suddenly was thrown into upheaval? Americans enjoy a certain lifestyle that many around the world do not have the opportunity to enjoy. Therefore Americans protect that lifestyle at any cost. Or, is it Americans have become too comfortable to understand the trials and tribulation that other countries face. With one of the largest refugee crisis happening in the world today, Americans must face a critical decision. Should America take the risk of letting refugees into the country to help humanity.
First, before one can postulate an informed decision one must understand what a refugee is. According to the American Immigration Council, a refugee is anyone unwilling to return to their country due to fear of persecution. This is usually due to a government or ruling power that would persecute and kill people based on race, religion, or even political opinion. The only options afforded to these people are either submit and give up your own beliefs or flee and possibly find a life in a country that holds personal freedoms as basic truths.
Currently there are more than 15 million people having to flee their home countries due to internal turmoil. (Global issues) That number does not include refugees that have been displaced by natural disasters. With that many people looking for a safe place to run it puts a major strain on other countries that are…
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