Should America make Healthcare More Affordable? Essay

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Should America make Healthcare less expansive more affordable to have It’s nothing new that our nation is always coming up with something in stirring up a plan to create ideas on how this will affect individuals. Well the chances that’s affecting this nation is our healthcare system where you have millions of Americans struggling in trying to keep up with payments of the prices, is it really that serious that the healthcare companies are asking them to pay way more than what they should be originally paying for. It’s no wonder why so many families are losing money left and right and having to suffer bankruptcy in order to have the care they need for their loved ones and so forth. But have Americans reached a breaking point where…show more content…
Obviously for them it’s no big deal but well know for a fact that it shouldn’t be this much for individuals to be paying for. For example (Pg.1) President Obama himself launched a new law back in 2010 stating that the federal Heath Legislation which known as Affordable Care Act which states that all Americans are entitled to affordable Health Insurance, So the issue that we all like to know is if every American has the right to have affordable healthcare then what’s the real reason why so many of us are paying way too much money instead of paying a reasonable amount. However it also depends on the amount of how many individuals are in the family with those who can’t afford health insurance Can give suggestions for incomes that may be a different depending what state your’re residing in for instance you could have the chance to receive Medicaid where it can run a single person up to about $14,400 and if you have a family of only four it cost about $29,300.Another one us buying sub sized health plan with a state that’s created with the health insurance exchange coming out in 2014 whereas if an individual and above pay$88,201(pg2).also if your health plan involves the exchange that gives you a package of essential benefits that can secure up to 60% of the expenses. How it all depends on if but your own health insurance to trade in a portion for a premium
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