Should Americans Be Required For Learn Spanish As A Second Language?

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“Language is power. If you cannot understand or be understood you have no power. You are at the mercy of everyone.” – (Rudat, 1994, Stow, Dodd 356) Should Americans be required to learn Spanish as a second language? The construction of our nation stands on documents written in English, however English is not our official language nor has it ever been. America is a “melting pot” in which English is the most prominent language, followed closely by Spanish. Requiring Americans to learn Spanish is a great controversy; I strongly believe that it should be a requirement, because it improves academic achievements, career success, and cultural and social understanding. The controversy has great counter arguments such as the double standard Americans are held to, and further division of the country. Regarding the counterarguments, I still firmly believe that it should be a requirement because the integration of a second language in our schools is more beneficial to our country’s success as a whole. First and foremost, the promotion of bilingualism in American school systems would greatly increase academic achievements. According to Huffington Post, the United States of America falls to number seventeen on the list of countries with the best education; Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong lead the list for higher education.-(Zhao) Outside of school Finnish children speak predominantly Finnish in their homes, however when they come to school they are taught specifically Swedish in

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