Should Americans Have A Longer Work Week?

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Americans have been working themselves at least forty hours or more a week for what seems like forever, and sometimes they work continuously for 12 to 14 days until they either have enough money saved up or to have at least a day or two days off. Most Americans work through holidays or even work themselves enough to have a high level of stress. The question is would it better for Americans to have a shorter working week or not? If Americans have a shorter work week, they could spend their time off with their family or even relaxing to reduce all stress that they endure over time from working continuously, but there might be some setbacks for the smaller businesses if it happens. The shorter work week will help Americans out by lowering their stress level and don’t have any relationships, either with family or significant other, problems at home. When having a shorter work week, like only having to…show more content…
Every hour that people work overtime, the productivity level goes down. People are going to be tired and sluggish if they work overtime and doesn’t give their body time off from all that stress and working. It could lead to depression and other health issues. People should be happy then everything will be more productive, live longer, and be a better American. In conclusion, shorter week will help a lot in the long run for both Americans and the companies. Even though, it could hurt smaller businesses and the United States are the only country that doesn’t have a shorter work week. If the shorter week happens, Americans will be happy and have more productivity during the work week; then the cost of hours will go down. It is all about the
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