Should Animal Experimentation Be Legal Or Not?

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Guiding Question: What are the possible alternatives to prevent animal experimentation for experimental medications for humans?
Problem to be Addressed There is a massive debate going on about whether animal experimentation for experimental drugs should be legal or not. Both sides question whether animal’s lives or America’s knowledge is more important. Several claim that animal testing is needed because many lives can be saved with the awareness that is gained from each test. Others do not agree with these people. They believe that animals should not be hurt because their lives are just as important as humans. One way to resolve this issue is to use the many alternative ways that are being developed to test experimental drugs.
Background Information:
Testing is mandatory by law before all clinical trials to protect human beings. Its eradication would be a disaster. In the Thalidomide Case, originally brought to the courts in 1992, which focused on pregnant women, scientists had tested the drug on various types of animals. When the drug was opened up to the public, the children were born with many birth defects. Even though the animal trial came back with positive results, the human trial did not. Scientists claim that the trial passed tests on animals before going on to have disastrous effects on human fetuses. The problem later became that there was too little animal testing. Also, tests were not done on pregnant animals. In 2006, the scientists went back and…
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