Should Animal Testing Be Banned?

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Should animal testing be banned?
Since the Victorian Era ‘make-up’ now a commonly used term has evolved for the women of modern civilization. It symbolized a social hierarchy within the Victorian era, a level of class and grace established to disembody the sophisticated ladies form the lower class. The make-up industry today is now open for all types of people, cultures, and genders. Although it has made great human advancements, the cosmetic industry now faces the consequences of their growth due to their inhumane treatment of animals. Whereas it benefits humans, animals should not be used for testing because it causes distress and anguish to the experimental animals, we should not treat them as means to further our own advancements but as another living part in our ecosystem, animal testing violates the rights of animals since they have the power to think, to feel and taking part in an experiment as a tool is not moral towards them.

Over 100 million animals die each year from animal testing. The part that the cosmetic industry plays in that large number is a crucial part that of removed could change the fate of millions of animals a year. If we continue this gruesome treatment of animals, within the next century they will be endangered and they'll be a world without animals, without the consumers and producers of nature who we rely on more than we can comprehend. Every time the life of an innocent animal is taken by a human our ecosystem deteriorates slowly but one day

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