Should Animal Testing Be Justifiable Or Morally Wrong?

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Administering different types of drugs, infecting innocent and defenseless animals with diseases, poisoning, implantations, and causing brain damage are just some of the many horrifying elements of what animal experimentation truly is. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and personal care products are only a small fraction of the many products used frequently by people that are tested regularly on animals for research-based and scientific studies. Although some may be completely unaware of, we use a number of these products more often than we would like to think. There are people who view animals as innocent creatures who cannot possibly fend for themselves, yet there are also others who view animals as testing material for human benefit. The question is whether animal testing is exceptionally justifiable or morally wrong. While this subject continues to expand, recently the use and experimentation of animals in biomedical studies have stirred debates in the past few years while being condemned by animal rights activists and animal protection groups (Hajar). The importance of this subject is extremely significant, as animals are not as inferior to humans as we may think they are.
While numbers continue to rise, every year, an estimated 100 million animals are used in the United States alone for scientific and commercial testing (Liou). Just some of the animals used in testing and experimentation could include mice, monkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, hamsters, and other…

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