Should Animal Testing Be Used For Medical Purposes? Essay

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Should animal testing be used only for medical purposes in New Zealand?
By Jihad Mohd Erfino
Animal testing is one of the most controversial scientific issues debated around the world. It questions the right of wild animals to be used in commercial, cosmetics and even for medical research purposes. Although it happens in most of the world (including New Zealand) today, many question whether it should go on. Animal testing is generally the use of animals for different purposes in lab conditions.
Brief history of animal testing and achievements: “Animal testing has existed since the 2nd century BCE through the work of Greek scientist Aristotle” (Animal testing- Wikipedia). He was the first one to have made experiments on live animals. The first animal testing experiments was to find out how our bodies work. For example, the discovery of blood circulation in mammals was discovered in the 12th century by Arabic scientist Ibn Al-Nafis and this was refined later in the 17th century by William Harvey. Animal testing has also played a vital role in human medical advances. It has helped developed vaccines to cure diseases such as polio which has almost been eradicated. It has also have helped humans to have a better understanding of our bodily mechanisms, function and several diseases. Some diseases that cannot be cured yet can be treated better due to animal testing discoveries.
Year Medical Advancement Animal credited
1796 Smallpox vaccine developed Cow
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