Should Animals Be Banned For Medical And Cosmetic Research?

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In the United States about 20 million animals are used for medical and cosmetic research. These animals include mice, bunnies, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and many other species of animals. Many of these animals people have for household pets, people consider these animals to be friendly and harmless and they are loved by humans. However, these animals do not share the same rights as humans mostly because people believe animals are inferior to them. Animals can not speak for themselves and tell researchers not to test on them like people can. I think this is unfair because animals share the same emotions as people do, they can feel afraid and scared of the testing that is going to be done on them. Studies prove that is is not necessary to use animals for medical and cosmetic research, there are laws to protect animals and some governments banned using animals for cosmetic research.
Animal testing is a fundamental method of research the United States. Many researchers in America believe that using animals for research is the only valid method to test vaccines, treatments and cosmetics because animals’ anatomy are similar to humans. Researchers are averse to try the other humane methods of research such as computer models and cell cultures before conducting experiments on animals. However, testing on animals is inhumane and animals are suffering while undergoing testing. According to PETA, “Before their deaths, some are forced to inhale toxic fumes, others are immobilized in
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