Should Animals Be In Zoos?

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Should Animals Be in Zoos?

Zoochosis is the psychological problem associated with animals that are kept in confined places. Animals that are kept in zoos show signs of extreme depression and never get the chance to live their way of life. For many people around the world, zoos represent an opportunity to experience animals that most have never seen before, but sadly the experience for animals is terrible because they suffer physically and emotionally which takes away their chance at a fair life. Although zoos have helped animals in a variety of ways, they have also affected the life of many animals. Within zoos there is a numerous amount of cruelty that strip the animals a fair chance at life. Capturing animals is cruel and destroys their chance at surviving for as long as they should. Zoos all over the United States have had occasions of animal cruelty. At the Scarborough Sea Life Center, Humboldt penguins suffer from depression and they are forced to take antidepressants. This is a form of cruelty because it shows that the penguins are un-happy and not treated fairly. San Diego zoo and Tampa Lowry park zoo imported eleven captured African elephants from Swaziland. The removal and capture of wild elephants for display in zoos is causing harm to elephants. Another incident of animal cruelty in zoos is in New Jerseys Cape May County zoo where they sold two giraffes to an animal broker who then sold them to a traveling circus. Minnesota’s zoos send animals to livestock

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