Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos?

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Should Animals be kept in zoos? Have you ever been to a zoo? If you have then you may or may not noticed how badly the animals are treated. Many zoos around the world are mistreating animals and the public has no idea about it. Zoos are very unfair to animals. Would you want to be stuck in a small area for your whole life when you could be roaming free in the wild somewhere? Probably not. Well, that is what happens to most animals in a zoo. It is completely unfair! Animals do not deserve to be in such small areas. It can cause serious cases of stress and depression. They teach the public that it is okay to cage wild animals, which is definitely not true. No animal should be caged up. Therefore, zoos should not be allowed. Many of animals in zoos suffer from stress and boredom. The zoo staff separates animals families which can stress them out. Most zoos do not ever put the animals back in the wild. They keep the animals in small captivities or cages for the rest of their days. Elephants kept in zoos do not live as long as ones in the wild. This is due to stress and…show more content…
Zoos teach young kids as well as adults that it is okay to cage animals and that is not true at all. If people wanted to learn about wild animals and their habits, they could go on a wildlife trip where animals are in their natural habitat. Some people believe that people who work at zoos are true animal lovers and want the best for the animals. This is not true at all. Many zookeepers are just people wanting a good job. Many of the animal abuse cases in zoos are from the workers not the visitors. Many animals in zoos are provided with little to no care. If they are sick, they will just kill the animal instead of paying to get it cared for. How is this ok? These animals could be out enjoying their life in the wild but instead they are in zoos living a short life while in a
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