Should Animals Be The Mass Euthanasia Of Animals?

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Aside from the specific effect on individual pets, buying pets from pet stores is a massive contributor to pet overpopulation, which, in turn, leads to the mass euthanasia of animals. Animal shelters are put in charge of more than 7.6 million pets per year, 3.9 million of them being dogs (Pet Statistics sec. 1). This massive amount of animals is much more than most shelters can handle, meaning that they are forced to euthanize millions of potential pets every year, simply for the sake of making room. Meanwhile, as shown by the infographic, over five thousand puppy mills in America are collectively producing about one thousand puppies a year, which averages out to a whopping five million puppies that are being mass-produced, five million…show more content…
In fact, the behavioral issues in puppy mill dogs may not “emerge for months or even years after adoption” (“Model Laws” sec. commentary). Because of these deceiving tendencies, puppy mill dogs appear to be a better deal at first glance. However, ironically, animals that are initially adopted from puppy mills have a high probability of being given to an animal shelter due to their behavioral problems, which make up 10% of all animals brought into shelters (Pet Statistics sec. 2). This means that not only are puppy mills taking up the opportunities for life that shelter puppies should have first dibs at, but they are also taking up a significant amount of the limited space in shelters. As a result of the constant supply that puppy mills churn out, 2.7 million animals that cannot be adopted from shelters in a timely manner are euthanized (Pet Statistics sec. 1). 2.7 million animals will enter a shelter one day, and never be able to leave cradled in the loving arms of a new family. Instead, they meet their end by the prick of a needle, lying on a sterile metal tabletop in the dark back room of a shelter. In perspective, 2.7 million animals a year boils down to more than 5 animals per minute. In the time taken to read this paper, more than 50 unwanted animals across America will be euthanized, regardless of their state of health. This
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