Should Animals Be Treated Right?

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Year after year you see commercials and you see other things that will show you that animals are abused and that they need to be treated right and that they don 't need to be harmed. While there is no thank you or any type of recall of what those animals go through before they come out looking so pretty and brand new. No one knows the struggle of pulling animals out of a rut and how much veterinarians do to turn those animals lives around and what they have to go through that other people don 't even want to think of. Many of the people in society see animals as just another thing taking up space, then there are people that love animals, and then there are people that will fight for animals and most of those are the ones that you take your animal to for a check up. Veterinarians are the saviors and providers that we need for the little people in our lives, the skills needed, history, the animals, treatments, and different types of jobs. with all of that in thought you can see what they go through and what kind of qualification they have to make those doggies on the commercials look so pretty. Animals have been around for almost as long as life has been on this planet, with evolution and with survival of the fittest, those are the reasons for the animals we have now. But when we started needing food that is when it became relevant for us to start making it easier than hunting so we started trapping and farming. Then with farming came the reason for us to have defects or
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