Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research?

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Should animals be used in medical research? Should animals be used in medical research? Some people say that after so many historical experiences, this is beyond dispute, but I think this is the opposite. With the medicine science and technology developed, the uses of animals in experiments are become more controversial. With the technologies developed, human beings become more powerful and the intention to protect other creatures will be stronger and stronger. In fact, most of the time, some medical researchers are often said to be cruel by those people who want protect the animals. The mainly reason is that the medical researchers make the medical progress at the cost of sacrificing animals. Some people hold the idea that we can replace the method of animal experiments, such as use the method of design model from the molecular level. For example, in the treatment of some serious illness, using animal experiment has missed a lot of treatment. If we modified the illness in molecular level, some diseases can be cured. From the point view of medical researchers, animals used in medical research cannot be replaced. Even if there are really a lot of alternatives to replaced animal testing method, from the medical point of view, these methods can seldom be used for tremendous application. First of all, how can we make people trust the new method? Then, even if the computer can make the experimental model, the final tests still need living body. Without the living body, how do
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