Essay on Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research?

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Should Animals be used for Scientific Research? Kari Lundquist Composition II Susan Cochran February 11th, 2012 Abstract Animal research is needed for many uses for our scientists. Should animals be used for scientific research? We do need to make sure that their rights are accepted, that they are not in pain for the experiment, and that they are cared for prior and after the research. There are many advantages to why animals should be used for scientific research. The evidence and their rights show that when animals are used for research they are cared for scientifically. While in the same time animals have their own way of showing when they are in pain during a research project. Animal research provides educational…show more content…
Medieval times have made it easy to focus on what they did not know. Four elements are what consisted of their universe: earth, air, fire and water. Bacteria or cells were nothing they knew. Biology was unknown to them. Medieval life was undeniably harsh and ignorant. Views in the medieval times were shaped by religion and philosophical theories. Since then, we have had three hundred years of modern science and machine technologies getting more evolved. Machines did provide the Renaissance ways to try and understand the anatomy and physiology of humans and nonhuman animals for the first time. Medieval times had three power sources: water power, wind power and animal power. Power sources with animals had been sources since ancient times. For example, horses were used to make horseshoes and also pulled many loads. And they had the knowledge that horses had more power than the ox. Horses played a huge role in agriculture, industry and transportation until the twentieth centuries. With the need of horses for living, it helps create the knowledge of animals and the importance of animals. Moving forward they also realized that research is needed for humans. Many humans had diseases in that period of time that needed research to evolve to help humans. It took the “what” and “how” out of many questions. Moving forward into today’s times we have the knowledge of biology and we have created The Animal Welfare Act

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