Should Asu Take On Immigration. There Are Approximately

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Should ASU take on immigration There are approximately 43.3 million immigrants in the U.S., 11.1 million of which are unauthorized immigrants. These immigrants may be illegal ‘aliens,’ but they are what have help to sustain this country. While trying to deport the people that we have used to help to make our country great, we are simply making it harder for ourselves. Joining the 287(g) program has shown to create more havoc rather than peace. This Program brings unnecessary economy issues, outrageous funding amounts and most importantly prejudicial views and outlooks on the lives of the people it affects. It would be best for Any State University to become a sanctuary campus to help deal with the adversity that these people face rather…show more content…
If ASU were to allow this behavior to develop in our community, it would not only affect the quality of life here for our Latino students but it would also affect them in their efforts to continue their education. One must not to forget that not only will ASU students be affected but also the surrounding communities and families in Cobb County. Deporting undocumented immigrants does not only affect them, but it affects their families that they are leaving behind. Many undocumented immigrants have children that were born in the US, and leaving them behind can lead to childcare costs and other indirect costs that will become of importance overtime. Also separating them could lead to an increased risk of poverty which, in turn, could worsen educational outcomes for the dependent. In all, this reduces future tax revenue and increases future welfare expenditure. Additionally, undocumented immigrants accumulate just as much debt as a documented citizen of the United States. Therefore, if we continue to deport them, they will not be able to pay off these debts and we are left with more unresolved issues and debt, leading to risks on the financial system and on lenders in particular. Relating back to ASU, if ASU were to join the 287 (g) program, it would only continue to make matters worse for the economy and the university. Due to these alien people being deported, they are not able to pay tuitions and other university fees that are

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