Should Athletes Be Paid

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Should College Athletes Be Paid
George McCray
Research and Writing
Professor Pittell
Strayer University

Corruption, scandals, suspensions, firings and a systems that is systematically flawed all the while the fact of the matter is that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a organization that is bringing in billions of dollars each year yet the labor force generating the money gets a scholarship that many athletes believe doesn’t pay enough for everything that is needed on campus so this leads the author to have to take a look at if athletes need to be paid. I will outline numerous problems that are going on in college athletics and possible solutions to problems. I will take a look at the scholarship itself
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Of course, after the proposal came out college athletics directors and conference commissioners began protesting the new stipend by claiming of all things “they could not afford it”. Within a month, 125 of them had signed an override request. So the NCAA decided to cave on the idea. Some of the students who had already signed that deal got to keep the $2000 stipend yet others who take money for a different type of deal, say with an overzealous booster for selling some of their team paraphernalia, as a few Ohio State players did violated the NCAA’s rules regarding amateurism and were hit with multi-game suspensions in addition to getting the coach Jim Trassell (see insert) fired. That is the second problem of the system that needs to be addressed.
It all starts with money and the players see it and know it. They see that the NCAA’s college football and men’s basketball are huge commercial enterprises that generate more than 6 billion in annual revenue. That is more revenue than the National Basketball Association (NBA). People can see the television deals like the one signed with Turner Broadcasting and CBS sports to the tune of 14 years and 10.8 billion dollars for the rights to the men’s basketball championship aka March Madness. They play the college football game,(that uses their likeness), and basketball game that was stopped in

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