Should Athletes Have More Disposable Income Outside Of Their Studies? Essay

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“The recent explosion of revenues flowing to NCAA member institutions and the relative pittance going to the primary input—the players—for those participating in bowl games and the annual “March Madness” men’s basketball tournament have created growing unease over the distribution of the largesse (Sanderson 116).” Players in the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA are looking for financial aid outside of their academics. The NCAA feels an increasing need to distribute more financial aid towards student-athletes, and they would like “to consider changing restrictions on athletes’ opportunities to earn income beyond their grants-in-aid” (Sanderson 117). This will allow athletes do have more disposable income outside of their studies. For a more detailed study on the topic, Allen R. Sanderson and John J. Siegfried dig into the economic side of paying college athletes in their Journal for Economic Perspectives: “The Case for Paying College Athletes”. With the rapid advancement of technology and social media, the National Collegiate Athletes Association is becoming monopolistic in their large-scale commercialized sports programs. The resources are being allocated to different companies involved in the profit making off of student athletes. The NCAA is developing ways to make collegiate sports more competitive, and one of these ways is to pay the athletes participating in big sports programs such as men’s basketball and football. Their argument is that college
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