Should Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs?

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Roy Shurn Jr
English 12
Ms. Terry

PED users in sports

Everyone wants to win and everyone loves a winner. Athletes are a competitive group and if you are good enough to get into professional sports, you can achieve fame and fortune would you cheat to accomplish? This is the question that many athletes have to answer? What do I mean by cheating? I mean the use of performance enhancing drugs. How many records were made and broken by athletes that used these enhancements. “According to Marvin Olasky “Baseball needs to put the steroids era behind if by having and enforcing tough rules against all kinds of arterial advantages so that spring can return Just what are performance enhancing drugs”? What is the history of these drugs in professional sports what are the statistics of usage in professional sports? Should athletes who use them be in the hall of fame? These are the topics that need to be addressed. It’s common knowledge that drugs have a side effects and performance enchaining drugs are no different. There are many types of steroids anabolic and designer steroids that are taken by athletes to make their muscles stronger and bulker. Our bodies produce testosterone which is an anabolic steroid hormone. Muscle building and male traits such as facial hair, and a deep voice are effects of the testosterone. Testosterone be taken by ingesting (pills), needle (injection), and by topical treatment (rubbing on the skin). Anabolic steroids abuse in so…
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