Should Banned Be Banned? A High School Curriculum?

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According to the American Library Association, more than 11,300 books have been challenged since 1982. This staggering number reflects thousands of students being denied the rewarding benefits associated with reading complex forms of literature that convey important messages about life and its various problematic, profane, and distasteful aspects. Specifically, the inclusion of banned books in a high school curriculum containing obscene aspects would not only strengthen comprehensive reading skills, but more importantly, increase students ' exposure to complex ideas that depict a gruesome, yet extremely realistic portrayal of life. Among the novels that have been banned is The Catcher in The Rye, written by J.D Salinger, which describes…show more content…
Vernacchio believes it is crucial to analyze the relationship between sexual questions and thoughts, and character responses. This can be done in an English class setting by interpreting situations where characters are faced with risky relationships, sexual confusion, and emotional losses. Likewise, in The Catcher In The Rye, it is impossible for students to analyze Holden Caulfield 's actions without noting that the interactions he makes with other characters are all strongly influenced by his confusion about sex, dating, and life. For example, Holden purblindly hires a prostitute to come to an apartment he rents after leaving Pencey University, however when "Sunny" arrives in Holden 's room, he simply talks to her about his recent "surgery" and avoids any physical contact( Salinger 126). Readers can interpret through Holden 's unexpected actions that while he does have sexual feelings for women, he is unsure of his emotions, and his inability to follow through with the prostitute is simply a part of his internal scheme to resist the process of maturity. With this critical analysis in mind, it is benighted and illogical to deter students from any one particular topic within a novel, because it limits students to only observe the aspects of a character deemed innocuous. It is unambiguous that the analysis of all character interactions and thoughts, not excluding sexual innuendo, allows students to observe how characters reflect upon their emotions. This further

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