Should Blood Doping Be Illegal or Legal in Sports?

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In order to be the best you have to put in the work. Some athletes do it the hard way, such as eating healthy, exercising and training. Others use the easy way out, engaging with steroids, enhancements, and blood doping to get ahead of the competition. Many professional athletes have taken to the practice of blood doping in order to gain a competitive edge in their field. But there are those who are crying that doing so can have serious consequences not only to the sports world, but to one’s body as well. Sometimes they look for harmful procedures that increase their athletic ability but can potentially do more harm than good. In this argument, I will be discussing called induced erythrocythemia, commonly known as blood doping, which can lead to medical, physical, and psychological problems.
In order to understand the positive and negative effect of blood doping to an athlete’s performance, some background information is needed. The general reason why people blood dope is because of the lactic acid build up when doing strenuous sports. If one want to do strenuous workout or exercise, one need a ready supply of oxygen and ATP (adenine triphosphate). When there is lack of oxygen in the body, the muscles are unable to perform at their best potential. When lactic acid builds, it can give you…

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