Should Boys and Girls be Educated Together?

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The age of intellect and education is upon us, no matter what the profession there will always be some form of schooling or training. In America most every child attends school kindergarten through 12th grade. There is a question about that basic education, do we mix both genders or do we separate them and go to a single sex education system? Single sex education is dangerous and harmful to the development of children. Students lose the requirement for social interaction with the opposite gender, that is a skill that is not only helpful to have but I would argue that it is detrimental for basic and remedial function. No matter where in the world there will always have the opposite gender to interact with, taking kids and separating them from each other during the part of their lives where they develop most is harmful to them in the long run. The argument for single sex education is valid I will not debate that but I can and will debate that the benefits do not outweigh the long term ramifications of SSE ( single sex education). Supporters of single sex education would like to believe that the opposite gender (whatever that might be) is a distraction and will prohibit the academic growth of the pupil and cause them to not be successful in the long run. Lawrence Kohlberg a famous developmental psychologist who is most known for his stages of morality analysis shows us that the first 18 of a child's life are detrimental to a child's moral development. This does play into

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