Should Bullying Be Fixed Within Our Society Today?

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What is the best way to deal with bullying? Why is it a problem? Why should it be dealt with at a national level? A good example to fortify these questions rests with a young lady named Amanda Todd. Amanda was a teenage girl who sent a sexually explicit photo to her boyfriend. When the boyfriend got the photo he spread it throughout the high school and the surrounding area. As a consequence of this she was teased and made out to be a whore. After months of teasing and being ridiculed, Amanda took her own life. This is why bullying needs to be fixed within our society today. Although bullying is the most common way for children to feel good about themselves, the negative results and need for an immediate end are very important. Bullying is an act of teasing or physically hitting or handling another person in a harmful manner. In my opinion, bullying is a learned behavior, learned from parents, other adults, or peers. Once, in middle school, I witnessed an example of bullying first hand. There was a young man in my class named Kannon Denton. At the time I knew him but we weren’t very good friends. As we walked around the basketball court, a requirement of the class, it became apparent that a group of the “cool kids” had set their sights on him. They started to push Kannon in circles around the group just making a fool of him because he was very small. The last person to shove him was the ring leader. When the leader shoved him, the last person missed, and my friend
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