Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers? Essays

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1) What are the legal and ethical issues in this case?
The legal issues in this case are: there is anywhere from twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants residing in the United States illegally. As far as the ethical issues in this case, well there are so many issues I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The fact that any business would intentionally make their working environment and so poor knowing that only illegal immigrants would tolerate working there without reporting it to any agency or the legal system is beyond unethical! Now that the legal system only requires employers to use the “E-Verify” system rather than making any illegal immigrant/person provide hard copies of their citizenship. Proof of legal status can now be passed
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citizens and others awaiting to enter the country legally harm by taking away their jobs, providing illegals to use our tax dollars without enforcing and not stopping illegal immigrants to live in the United States. I believe this is not only an legal issue (although I believe it is the primary issue) it has become an economic issue that is growing rapidly, especially among the people that are having more undocumented workers in their community and can see the unemployment rate go up as they lose their job due to the fact the undocumented workers are willing to work for less and they can work legitimately because of the fact they are not required to furnish the proper documents that would prove without a doubt that their legal status in the U.S. is in fact legitimate. Everyone will have their own opinion about the ethical issues in this situation. But people who share my opinion which is that the government’s failure to take deportation action is apparent and we now realize that allowing this to continue will only stem to bigger social, economic, and ethical issues overtime if the legal issue is not examined as being properly enforced. This is when we will start seeing even more political issues stemming from every point of view and what people in the United States deem the proper action that should be enforced. The social problems will be endless when we start to see the increase in illegal aliens and a decrease in jobs and
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