Should Businesses Be Held Accountable For Certain Standards?

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Businesses should be held accountable for certain standards in relation to their impact to society and/or give back to society. Without consumers purchasing their products, businesses would not be able to survive. Society and business are interdependent upon each other, and sometimes impact negatively and positively, but should have a duty to want to take a responsibility to “do the right thing”. Citizens are bound by judicial case law; businesses should be bound by certain moral obligations to society to encourage ethical behavior. With more strict laws and/or regulations, it would enforce businesses to uphold a higher standard to society instead of just receiving a profit from society; such as businesses like Wal-Mart that thrive on small communities and areas that have protected for environmental purposes maybe to fulfill a psychological or due to the fact Wal-Mart has the complex that eventually the organization is a prime example that money and time can buy everything whatever the cost and barriers may come in their way. Whether they are participating in unethical practices with their employees or with regards to the environment, either way the corporation and all businesses should be held to some form of ethical, legal, and/or regulatory standards towards society. Wal-Mart is one of the largest privately owned businesses in the world “totaling revenue of $421.8 billion and a net income of $16 billion in 2011” (Sethi). Being one of the largest companies makes them the
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