Should Calorie Labels Have On Food Choices

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Could college students be omitting breakfast because they fear consuming too many calories? Several studies have been found that breakfast is the most frequently skipped meal for college students. As a result, this has contributed to dietary inadequacy.

There have been numerous studies on the impact calorie labels have on the food intake of college students. Between balancing coursework, a job, a social life and somewhat of a decent sleep schedule, it is more than true that a college student gets incredibly hungry within the process.

Since college is such a busy time, most students do not have the time to sit down and cook a healthy meal. Students may eat at dining halls or fast food restaurants. Food at these places may not be the healthiest food available, but if calorie labels are present, students may pick and choose
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94% of students thought that food labels were necessary. Additionally, 42% of the students skipped a meal three to four times a week and 44% based their meal choices off of calorie information.

According to research done by Mary Gerend, calorie labels on food have positive implications on human health. When calorie labels were present, individuals choose lower priced meals (Gerend 2). Overall, this would suggest that when calorie labels are present, consumers pay attention to them and are more conscious about what type of food they eat and how much of it they eat.

According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association factors such as health, convenience, taste, and cost play a large role in student’s choices. The majority of college students struggle to reach the recommended dietary standards. Consequently, According to our data results from the survey given to the introductory Biology of Food Plant Systems class, convenience was the most dominant factor that influenced college students’ meal
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