Should Capital Punishment Be Abolish?

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Should capital punishment be abolish? The answer should definitely be, no. Without the death penalty, criminals would oppose the law more aggressively. Criminals would openly do as they like, because they would no longer have the restriction from the law. Meaning without the law, the crime rate would escalate greatly. Yet in light of this importance, opponents (against capital punishment) offer their oppositional viewpoints. They combat what they consider the menace of social order. They question: whether or not capital punishment is lawful, or flawless. They contend, it is a law against justice and humanity. And laws should not permit the killing of human-beings. These people (abolitionists) would suggest it promote more crime rather than prevent crimes. (In spite of the debate it actually does the opposite.)
For example they’d say: a criminal who is well informed of capital punishment would zealously commit felony of greater violence, on account of their unwavering conscious – knowing very well there is but one retribution of their crimes. However, these naysayers only offer their subjective viewpoints, without the conclusive solution to put this unfruitful contentions to rest. Now the reason I say that is not to condemn these abolitionists, because I am in complete agreement with their point of view. Their disagreement is noteworthy of respect. However, I object to the one thing that make them partial in their judgments. That is objectively, they fail to recognize capital
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