Should Capital Punishment Be Banned? Essay

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The United States of America is currently the only known country on the North American continent that practices capital punishment. Americans pride themselves on living in the country that they believe does nothing wrong in terms of punishing those who commit heinous crimes. Unfortunately, that innocent image of America happens not to be true. Over 160 members of the United Nations (U.N.) have already banned capital punishment including the entirety of the European Union (E.U.). Even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights claims that capital punishment is wrong; therefore, punishment via death is a violation of one of the basic human rights. So, what does America have to do in order to prove its freedom? Many people don’t really know much about the death penalty, other than what the name implies: Death. Capital punishment should be banned in the US because it does not dissuade people from committing crime, it is more expensive than life imprisonment, the execution methods can cause painful deaths, and it is morally incorrect. A 2009 survey of America’s top criminologists revealed that over 88% of them believed the death penalty was not a deterrent for murder. According to FBI statistics, from 1990 to 2014, states without the death penalty have had lower murder rates than states with the death penalty. Many people argue that capital punishment is the ultimate warning against any crime, even though this is not what the numbers say. Murder rates were at an all-time high
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