Should Capital Punishment Be Brought Back in United Kingdom?

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Should Capital Punishment be brought back in the UK 1.1 Introduction I am discussing the question: Should Capital punishment (otherwise known as the death penalty) be brought back in the UK? In this presentation, I will be informing you about different people’s opinions on the subject. Some of them will be MPs and others will be just members of the public. I will give you some pros and cons associated with the death penalty and find out why it is such a debated subject online. I will also be covering why the death penalty was in fact abolished in the first place in the UK. I would also like to find out what different religions think about this. I chose this subject as it is a very interesting subject that has been eagerly debated online and in parliament. At the start of this project I also had no opinion on the subject. However, after doing lots of research on the subject, I have come up with enough information to make an informed decision. This subject also relates to work we have been doing in history of how things in Britain changed through time. This project would also help me to develop future skills such as the skill of analysing sources effectively using the CRAVEN method. Plus other skills including keeping to a deadline; making sure a piece of data is reliable and not erroneous and thoroughly checking through a presentation before I present it. These are skills vital for most jobs. This will also help me to be able to create a good questionnaire and taking the
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