Should Capital Punishment Be Legal?

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My issue of the background is that one opinion of the story the Execution. Is that the author states he doesn’t agree with Ted Bundy execution along with he doesn’t agree with the death penalty. He quote the (The death penalty and I…have nothing in common) nor does he agrees with such laws of capital punishment. His overall purpose was to inform that he does not agree with execution of Ted Bundy. He sees capital punishment an immoral as quoted (I think the killing of one human makes no sense and is inherently immoral). The author opinion is agreeable with mine. I argue that capital punishment the execution should be legal. And such manners that I don’t agree with the author because the execution of violent criminals. Such as Ted Bundy should be more legal by most states instead of wasting tax dollars on life sentence. Now the 21st century dose not really follow the death penalty or execution of such violent criminals. I don’t agree with the author opinion of there shouldn’t be a death peanalty or execution of very violent criminals such as Ted Bundy. Thesis is that the execution or the capital punishment is not agreeable with the author. And he argues his opinion of the execution of Ted Bundy. He sees that killing another human being is being inherently immoral. I don’t agree that he did a good job opposing execution as capital punishment in my opinion. The story explains that a person named Quindlen argues that the death penalty dose not accomplish what is…
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