Essay on Should Capital Punishment Be Legal?

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Capital punishment is a very controversial issue today. There are good statements made on both sides of the argument. A couple of questions should be asked before deciding which side to take in the never ending debate of capital punishment. Is capital punishment a cruel and unusual way of punishing serious offenders? Should the mentally ill be susceptible to capital punishment? A lot of states made capital punishment legal, but not all of them use it as freely as some states like Texas.

The state of New Jersey supports capital punishment as a form, of corrections, but some of the offenders end up waiting for the day of their execution until the day they die. On the other hand, Texas, also a state that supports capital punishment as a
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It also allows for the ones that do want to reform their ways to peacefully serve their time without getting into confrontations with the ones that do not have anything to live for. Why should one comply with the rules of the prison, if they know that they will never get out? After all, prisoners have rights too. What is the most horrible thing that the prison staff can do to a prisoner? Throw them in the hole? The 8th amendment protects the prisoners from being placed in solitary confinement for more than thirty days.

In many people's eyes, the punishment that is given to offender isn't severe enough. Without capital punishment, many criminals that committed serious felonies would walk the streets once again. Because prison overcrowding is a very severe issue today, many hardcore criminals end up either returning to the community without serving for their crime without jail sentence at all. Due to prison overcrowding, the judge has no choice, but to let the criminals off on probation. Now today, probation isn't what it used to be when it was introduced. It is far from John Augustus's idea of keeping a close watch on a small amount of offenders. In my eyes, probation is just another way to free up jail space today. Most of probationers don't even see the probation officer.

A friend of mine got busted for possession of marijuana and got let off on probation. The problem with this, is that they threatened to give him urine
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