Should Capital Punishment Stay Illegal in Canada?

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The criminal justice system is innately flawed; since 1900 twenty three innocent people have been executed in the United States that has been documented (citation needed). Which is one of the reasons why I think it should remain illegal in Canada. The sentence doesn’t deter crime, (citation needed) and in some cases it only exasperates the crime which it was supposed to deter. Also, in order to keep an inmate on death row it costs on average ninety thousand dollars more than keeping an inmate for a life sentence, in the United States (Baskey-East, S. 2014).
California has approximately the same population of Canada, and it uses the death penalty (37 million and 35 million people respectively) California will be used as a comparison for costs. Per death row inmate, ninety thousand dollars more is spent, between the extra trial costs, housing, and extra guards, death row costs an exorbitantly large amount more than a regular life imprisoned inmate. Inmates can spend up to twenty years on death row, waiting for their respective trials to be completed, to find out if they have been exonerated or not. This is part of the reason this process is so expensive. (Baskey-East, S. (2014, January). Currently many death row inmates are on suicide watch or solitary confinement from other inmates for their own safety – fellow inmates have been known to enact “prison justice” for crimes such as child molestation, and the suicide watch is for obvious reasons. But the price they pay for

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