Should Cars be more Efficient

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Should Cars Be More Efficient? Since the industrial revolution, huge steps have been made in terms of discovering and utilizing new technologies and different types of fuel for the purposes of transportation. Before the advent of the modern automobile, the widely used means of transport were horses, carriages, and walking by foot. These means of transport posed major challenges due to the fact that transporting supplies from one warehouse to another was difficult. However, with the introduction of the first car, it was a great reap forward towards eliminating most of the transportation hurdles. The advent of automobiles was accompanied by a corresponding need to consume more fuel in form of oil and gas. At first, the environmental impact…show more content…
Among the contributing factors to this trend is the fact that cars are being produced in large numbers and in many varieties. Due to a large supply of cheap vehicles, more and more people can now afford to purchase cars (Researcher, 2009, p. 384). However, the other side of the coin raises the issue of fuel consumption and environmental pollution. The current trend in fuel prices has depicted a major challenge of fuel shortages both at present and in future. As a result, governments and other stakeholders in the energy sector have been prompted to set higher fuel-efficiency standards to curb the imminent fuel crisis. At the same time, environmentalists have been up in arms against the trend of CO2 emissions from vehicles and industries citing the resultant devastating effects of global warming. Governments have faced increasing pressure from advocates of environmental sustainability to put in place concrete measures to eradicate the problem of fuel-inefficiency especially in relation to the transport sector. Therefore, the argument of whether cars ought to be made more efficient has been motivated by the dire need to reduce CO2 emissions from cars (Government, 2003, p. 20025). There are two sides of the debate regarding this issue as some have supported the idea while others have opposed. It is worth noting that the drive to increase fuel
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