Should Celebs Be Considered Role Models?

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Are celebs the exact people we want our teens to look up to? Evidence points to no, not at all. Celebs should not be considered role models because of their negative effect on teens through social media. Celebrities aren’t afraid to say or do what they want in public, on TV, and especially social media. The things celebs post on social media is provocative, inappropriate, and unacceptable behavior. The lack of censorship when it comes to media allows celebs to do whatever they want and now it’s affecting our teens. Furthermore, Celebs are the center of attention when it comes to social media, so it’s not easy to avoid them and the everyday things they do. Every inappropriate and wrong action they do winds up on TV. The media, whether they know it or not, makes celebs seem like royalty, as though they need to emulated. Now, teens are very impressionable so they listen to any media. They emulate these celebs and their actions, thinking that …show more content…

As i stated earlier, the lack of monitoring or censorship on social media allows celebrities to do whatever, whenever. So, as they are the center of attention, teens see the drug use and alcohol abuse, emulate these actions and develop addictions. Celebs make these actions seem like an everyday thing, teens will think the same and in return, develop the same problems some of these celebs have. Clearly, the negatives outweigh the positives when it comes to celebrity role models. The lack of monitoring and the lack of morale from the celebrity community is just devastating to our young teens mind’s. Role models advocate good morale and integrity; celebs do the exact opposite. I give credit to the nice charitable things some of them do, but the provocative, inappropriate behavior they display is poisonous to teens and should not be copied or emulated in any way, shape, or form. I mean, would you want your child copying some of these irresponsible

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