Should Cell Phone Use Be Allowed in Schools?

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What does technology mean to you? For all of us, it is omnipresent throughout our entire lives and we use multiple forms of it everyday. In schools, an area of increasing debate and discussion has been student cell phone use. Are they helpful or useless? Should they be allowed or not? No school has really found the answer to these questions yet. Many believe that phones are just too distracting for students, but on the contrary, cellphones are beneficial to students if not the entire school when used in agreement with the school’s technology policies, assuming these policies are well-thought-out. It has been shown that with cell phones, schools can increase communication, continue to accurately measure students’ academic levels, and can improve student achievement and attentiveness. Cell phones will be allowed for students to use in school to provide a method of communication, especially with parents as this has seen many favorable results. In the 21st century, with increasing numbers of people who own a cell phone, mobile phones have become a very efficient way for us to contact each other. The July 23, 2012 cover of the magazine The New Yorker portrays a family spending their vacation on their phones. They are standing on the beach posing for a picture and all four of them are glued to their phones, unaware of what is going on (Source E). In our age, nearly everyone, young or old, has a cell phone, and this makes it incredibly simple for members of a family to communicate
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