Should Cell Phones Be Allowed? Schools?

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"Twenty-first century learners, digital natives, or Generation D: whatever you choose to call them, they are here to stay and ready to learn differently. Students are communicating and collaborating using multimedia devices. Schools should be turning the perceived obstacles into opportunities to learn,” said Kipp D. Rogers. Kipp is a principle at the Passage Middle School in Virginia and he wants phones to be used in the school. The essential question is, should cell phones be allowed in schools? In a big debate, there are two sides to an issue and people are seeing both sides Many people want them because they can help students learn, but others say no because they can be a distraction. Students should be allowed to use their phones in schools because they can look up information, parents can contact them, and in case an emergency occurred.

Many schools across the United States, believe that cell phones have no place in school because they are distracting and students won’t be able to focus on schoolwork. Many school officials are only looking at the drawbacks of phones in schools, and not the good things. Cell phones can be an aid in the classroom. They can be used to look up information, be used as calculators, and writing notes to save paper. "The reason we went to that policy was hopefully to prepare young adults to turn their phones off when they 're supposed to be off and to use them in the right way,” said James Hawrysko the Dean of Students at Barrington…
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