Should Cell Phones Be Banned At North?

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The phrase “Put your phone away” is used a lot at this school, especially by teachers and administrators. However have they ever considered a ban on cell phones, making this phrase one of the least used? The proposal stands. Should cell phones be banned at North? Indeed. North Eugene should ban the use of cellular technology during class time because it distracts students and interrupts teaching teachers, they can be the cause of failing scores and dropping grades, and aren’t needed for safety during school hours. Despite the fact that cell phones are conduits for information they are also a major distraction in the classroom. “31% of teens who take their phones to school send or receive text messages everyday during class time.” (Document 5) Almost one third of the students in a classroom are devoting their attention to their cell phones rather than paying attention to the information given by the teacher. Students not giving their full attention don’t receive all of the lesson…show more content…
Whether or not students are allowed cell phones does not directly determine the safety of that school. In fact, there are phones in every classroom that can be used by any student in a time of need. Former teacher Jesse Scaccia says, “Parents think of cellphones as a connection to their children in an emergency. But I wonder what the last situation was that was genuinely called for for in an immediate phone call to a child. In most cases, contacting the hospital or police would seem more urgent. And parents can always call the school’s main office to reach their children.” (Document 1). To conclude, the ban of cell phones during class should be considered because without them the classroom can only benefit. As an administrator you could only want what is best and that is getting rid of cellular technology because it is distracting, could lead to low test scores, and isn’t needed to keep the school

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