Should Cell Phones Be Banned In School?

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Cell phones, the main technology of today’s world. School, a vital part of life. But when combined a match not made in heaven. In today’s world students are allowed to use some technology in school. But if this is the case, why shouldn’t cell phones be allowed in school? Well, cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school because they pose distractions, help cheat and lead to issues with cyber bullying. Students are in school for the sole purpose of learning. But how could he or she learn when the phone in their pocket keeps vibrating. For many students staying focused on the topic in today’s classrooms is already a huge problem. So, a phone just completely helps them digress. According to a 2010 research study by Pew Research Center, 64% of students say they have sent a text in class, while 24% say they’ve made or taken a call. Making calls nor texting helps the child achieve the maximum grade for the class, therefore they are not needed. No matter how old or how mature children are today, the temptation of their cellular device is one of the hardest to resist. Also, along with distracting one child, the phone distracts other children too. While Jim is in this corner texting he is sending it to Sarah across the room. Now not only one but two students are ignorant to the facts of their work. Too often in classrooms have students pulled out their cellular devices and used Google for answers. Today more than one-third of student’s cheat or have cheated
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