Should Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving?

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Should phones be banned while driving? I agree with the fact that phones should be banned while driving. This is because phones have become a major cause of accidents lately and many people are losing their lives in the event. As a person, there are numerous times I have had to run into people while texting or talking on a phone. If this is the case while just walking, what comes out when one is using a phone while driving? The most worrying issue is the fact that most people are valuing their convenience rather than minding about their general safety. This is a behavior that is growing so fast that if the authorities cannot do something about, then more people are going to get affected by the menace. Just apart from causing accidents…show more content…
Daniel Kaffine, “It’s possible that people who continued to use their cell phones were people who were more inclined to get into accidents anyway” (Howard). This means that such people are always aware of the fact that their behaviors are very dangerous but choose to engage in them thereby endangering peoples’ lives something this is an unethical practice. The authorities should, therefore, try to ensure that this practice is brought to an end in order to save peoples’ lives. Such people are always innocent but fall victims of the bad practices by the careless drivers. The second the reason as to why phones should be banned while driving is because the accidents that arise from the practice have also increased the insurance claims that are being witnessed at the moment. Since using of phones while driving is causing a lot of accidents on the road, many insurance companies are now feeling the impact that arises from the many claims that are now being lodged to the companies. It must be appreciated that the insurance companies are instrumental in ensuring that those involved in accidents are compensated and that they are restored to their initial status. This does not mean therefore that people and more so drivers should become careless as they are right now just because in case of any loss
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