Should Cellphones Be Banned In Public Places Research

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Cell Phones Banning in Public Places Should cellphones be banned in public places? I agree that cellphones should be banned in public places, however, they are needed in public places as well. Cellphones may cause distractions but at the same time cellphones are useful when there is an emergency. Although, people say cellphones cause a lot of sidetracks, they are also lifesavers. When there is a problem while you're out and about you can use your device to call for help. However, some people don’t know how to just check their phone when they're busy and that causes an aftermath. The first ever cellphone was created in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Cellphones were introduced to the public in 1945, but before cellphones there was the mobile telephone services . The largest MTS market had no more than 44 channels, cellular networks were an ingenious way to expand service dramatically. In the 2000s, Apple released its first phone which included computer-capable technologies. Samsung. LG, and others followed Apple's footsteps and phones just keep coming faster each year. Cellphones were mainly created to make life easier on humans but some people have been taking advantage of this privilege. Cellphones aren't always the problem but it's the person who owns the phone. Cellphones can be a throw off to what's really going on and in a blank of an eye you're facing the consequences. There have been numerous of deaths happen because someone thought taking their eyes off of the road
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