Should Cheating Be Academic Dishonesty? Essay

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We have all grown up learning that cheating in school would always come with consequences yet many students continue to cheat. I do not find it surprising that students cheat in college or university. McCabe, Trevino & Butterfield (2001) offer many explanations as in why students commit academic dishonesty, such as peer influences. Although the findings of this study still can be applied today I argue a new study should consider the use of technology in regards to academic dishonesty. With the rise of technology, it has become much easier for students to cheat on exams and papers. For instance, people can cheat on exams with the assistance of technology; for instance, the Apple watch. The Apple watch can be seen as a watch; however, it is like having a miniature phone on your wrist. The Apple watch makes it easier for students to conceal answers and cheat on exams. McCabe et al (2001) offered many explanations as to why students commit academic dishonesty, but I would argue that there are new explanations to help explain this phenomenon. When I think of academic dishonesty I think of students cheating on exams or plagiarizing, but this study failed to consider cheating completed over the Internet. If I were to search for a paper on cybercrime, I could find many written all I would need to do is purchase one. Finding papers online is simple, but getting caught is even easier, however, many students continue to purchase papers online. I do agree with the authors that
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