Should Cheating Be The Number One Stress Causing Issue?

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Cheating has grown through the years and it occurs in almost every classroom. Cheating is defined as acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain and advantage. Nobody can honestly say they have never cheated. There will not be one school in America, or anywhere, where no cheating has occurred. According to New York Magazine, 60% of high school students have admitted to serious test cheating. It does not matter what your GPA is, anybody will cheat to secure a high grade that teachers desire from his or her students. Learning should be a fun and rewarding experience and for students to grow academically. School should not be the number one stress-causing issue in a teenager’s life. Students do whatever they can to thrive in school, but sometimes it is not enough. Some teachers can value grades more than students fully comprehending the information.
Cheating on assignments is simple to do as well and easy to do it. I have cheated in my lifetime and have witnessed cheating happen. Most people expect the kids who struggle in school to be the ones who cheat. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, anybody will cheat if it secures him or her a good grade. Cheating is a way to survive for kids who have been struggling. If a student simply does not understand the information they are being tested over, there is not much they can do besides ask the teacher for help. Sometimes students just cannot interpret the material. Not every student can learn the same way. That is why you see…
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