Should Child Abduction Be A Valuable Parenting Support?

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In reviewing your suggested app, “Security Alert,” I felt your proposal was worth considering. With forty-percent of surveyed Americans feeling unsafe walking at night, this app could aid in reducing the anxieties associated with this fear as pointed out in your proposition (Sadd, 2011, para. 6). Furthermore, with three-fourths of surveyed parents stating that child abduction was a fear that they held and one-third of these parents admitting it was a worry that affected them frequently, this app could even further reduce anxieties (Bilich, n.d.). Consequently, decreasing the apprehension that one might feel. Therefore, this shrinking of one’s level of stress, could aid in the development of better physical and emotional health, subsequently lessening the risk of developing other stress-related disorders (Nevid, 2015, p. 357). Moreover, “Security Alert” could prove to be a valuable parenting support, should an actual abduction occur, as the “Red” option would allow for faster response time as also pointed out in the dissertation. Rapid response time is critical in the recovery of an abducted child, as seventy-four percent of slayings occur within the first three hours after an abduction (Bilich, n.d.).
Again, I foresee an app such as this being successful in providing security for its users, although disguising it as a security application may not prove to be effective. Ultimately, the likelihood that an abductor would take the time to open the app is extremely low.…
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