Should Child Beauty Pageants Be Banned Essay

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Child beauty pageants have become an increasingly controversial topic throughout the years. By some, it is considered to be a form of child exploitation and abuse. However, opponents argue that beauty pageants allow children to learn how to compete in a healthy environment. Young children, starting at just a few years old, are paraded around a stage dressed in provocative clothing and faces full of makeup. Children need to grow up in an environment where tolerance and acceptance of everyone's differences is the general mindset, not where competition is the driving force in their lives. Although it is true that child beauty pageants can help children gain confidence, they should be banned because of their negative impact on self-esteem, attraction…show more content…
Nevertheless, competition of this type reduces the amount of self-confidence when they believe their value is determined primarily by their looks. Cynthia E. Johnson, an Extension Human Development Specialist, argues in her article “Children & Competition” that, “Six to eight-year-olds suffer lowered self-esteem when they lose, especially if parents stress winning. Research says that activities for young children should be noncompetitive but should promote the practice of a limited set of skills” (Johnson). In child beauty pageants, the majority of parents emphasize winning; therefore, children feel that they need to win to gain their parent’s support. Feelings of self-worth become reliant on external sources of appraisal as a result of these intense competitions. Participants are exposed to extreme pressure and ultimately feel that they are a failure if they do not win a title. They are also so focused on winning that they are repressed from forming positive relationships with other contestants (Lieberman). Failure to participate in healthy interaction with other children leads to delayed social development. Children who lack behind in their development acquire weak social skills and do not fully understand how to act in normal day-to-day

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